Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Simple Sunday

This morning has been a great morning.

I woke up at 5:30 to the puppy (Lana) wimpering in her cage because she had to go potty.  Shortly after, Todd woke up and joined us in the family room.  I made breakfast when I heard Todd's belly grumbling.  Ham, egg substitute & cheese on english muffins with OJ.  Yum!

Afterwards, I decided to take Lana for our daily walk around the block (1.25 miles!).  Even though she's not even 4 months old , she is really doing great with walking since we got her new leash.  It is a time for her to get her puppy energy out and for me to get my exercise in!

When we got home, I remembered that I hadnt picked red raspberries from our bushes in a couple of days.  I picked a large bowl-full of berries.  Then I went inside and started making some red raspberry muffins.  While the muffins where in the oven, I decided to FINALLY put away my clean laundry from the past two weeks.  Todd has been asking "where are all the laundry baskets? "  Well, I had 2 of them full of clean clothes, one of them is in the laundry room full of Todd's clean clothes, and one of them was holding Christmas gifts I've purchased and I have to put in the Christmas closet.

So, as the muffins were baking, I decided to put away my clothes.  You know, it took me less than 20 minutes to do two full baskets.  Why cant I just do it when they are taken off the line?  Why do they have to sit there for a week or two before I get to them?

My closet doors are now closed for the first time in two weeks and no more baskets of clothes hanging out everywhere.  And it is time to sit down and read... it's only 9 AM and I got all of this stuff I've wanted to get done - done!

I'm in a cooking mood lately.  I'm thinking homemade pizza for lunch, watch football with hubby (I dont really like football, but I am going to try to share this pasttime with him), and have a good time with our little furry family.

Simple Sundays - I love them.

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