Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meet Squiggy

Squiggy was given to me as a “surprise” from my mother.  I love my mother to pieces, but what was she thinking?!?!?  She remembered a time 5 years before that I saw a pot bellied pig at a pet store and commented on how cute it was.  Well, she had the opportunity to get one from a patient of Doc’s (my mom’s husband,) and she jumped on it!  This was less than 6 months after Todd and I were married (October 2007) and trying to renovate our home.  Needless to say, Squiggy was a thorn in our marriage for some time.  We were not expecting a “child” so soon and were completely caught off guard. They say that pot bellied pigs are like 2 year olds…their entire life!
This is a picture of Squiggy the day after we got him (please note, the date is wrong on these photos).
 Yes, the floor in our house was that color orange before we re-did the room! Squiggy eventually grew into that snout.  He was an adorable 8 lb. piglet when we got him.

 In this picture, he was approximately 7-9 months old.
Do you see how big he got?  Pigs grow until they are 3 years old!

This is Squiggy at about a year and a half.

This is Squiggy Michael (Marroo) today.  He just turned 3 this August, and should be at his maximum weight capacity!

A lot of people ask if I wished he was small again, and I would say ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I love that he is grown up, goes potty outside by himself (he can open doors to let himself in and out to go potty), and he is very independent.  He is such a “ham” and is always making me laugh.  I love going to kiss him and he squeals.  I love lying in front of the fireplace with him (this picture taken Christmas Eve 2008) and falling asleep with us cuddling.

When we last weighed him (last year,) he was over 200 lbs. 
He is my baby boy…and always will be.

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