Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I’m not sure if it’s the time of year or if it’s just me, but I am feeling completely overwhelmed lately with a lot of things going on in my life.  I have an ongoing to-do list that never seems to dwindle because I add on more than I check off.

 My husband and I are currently in the process of refinancing our home.  I have taken the reigns on getting everything taken care of for this.  It seems that they are asking for an additional piece of information every other day to which I have to go and try to find.  Needless to say, my “filing system” is not the best one right now.  I have put off organizing paperwork and putting it into our BRAND NEW (9 months ago) fireproof safe for the past 6 months.  Now, I need to find specific documents in stacks and stacks of paperwork.  How could this be resolved?  Take an hour or two and file away all of our documents!

My husband and I are also in the middle of starting a business. Again, I have taken over the reigns in getting the EIN number, Vendor’s License, getting brochures printed up, finding the best price on web hosting, etc.  Today, I have a meeting with local business women in our small town of 5,000 residents.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get our name out there.  I had 100 brochures printed up last week.  Guess what I just noticed?!?  The website is spelled wrong!!!!  So...the meeting is today at 6 (to which I have to leave work early to get to fashionably late) and I have two sheets of stickers with the correct web address printed.  I have to sit and apply them during my 30 minute lunch today.  How could this be resolved?  Quadruple check everything when it comes to business documents!  AND don’t wait until the last minute to do everything!!!  I have to fold the brochures into 3’s as well.  It should be an interesting lunch – I don’t see myself actually eating lunch today.

 I frequent the library.  I have OCD tendencies (that is where the “bonkers” comes into play), and when I get something in my head that I’m interested in researching, I get every book on the topic out from the library.  It’s kind of like beating a dead horse.  The thing is, I read about 2 books from the batch and then end up taking everything else back without even turning a page because I am no longer interested.  I looked online today to see that I have 19 books out from the library.  Mind you – I am a slow reader.  SO, to correct this issue, I have decided that I am taking all but 2 books back to the library.  The one I am currently reading and one other book of interest.  The rest are going back.  I have listed them in a Word document so that if I want to read them in the future when I have more time, I can. Oh, and did I mention I signed up for BookSneeze last night?  That’s another thing to add to my list.

This morning, before work, I walked the puppy around the country block which is 1.25 miles.  I prepared lasagna last night at 10:30 and cooked it this morning while out with the puppy.  I planted 28 tomato plants and 100 green beans in the garden this year in hopes to make my own tomato sauce and freeze green beans.  This morning, I put the tomatos in the blender and because it was not enough to simmer down and make sauce, I put them in containers and put them in the freezer.  I also cut and blanched the green beans before work.  Mind you, I get up at 5:30AM.  I leave for work around 8. 2 ½ hours seems like plenty of time to do all of this, but I was extremely rushed.

 What is the point of all of this?  I may be venting.  I am in desperate need of organization in my life.  A lot of my stress comes from no one other than me!  I take control of a lot of things in our home (pets, finances, schedules, cooking on the days we both work, etc.) It is time I let hubby help out or take over completely on some of the tasks.  Next week, I will provide an update as to how it all works out.

 Thank you for letting me vent!

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