Friday, November 19, 2010


I think I could be considered a home-body.
When I lived in my Akron house (and was single,) I would get home from work on Friday and not leave until Monday morning when I had to go to work again.  If you saw the disarray of my home, you would see that I didn’t do anything productive, but took some time out for myself and truly relaxed.  Those were the days before any major animals to take care of.  It was just the cats and I (yes, I was the crazy cat-lady.) 

I think this is still true today.  I consider myself a home-body.  I have friends that work 5 days a week like I do, yet go out on Saturday and Sunday (and sometimes in the evenings after work too!)  I prefer not to. For the next few weekends, I will have to get dressed and face the world both of my days off, but that’s OK.  One day is a craft show, the other day is visiting with family.  My last craft show for the season is November 20th, and to be honest, I cant wait.

I am desperate for a weekend to myself where I can either go grocery shopping or just hang out with the critters.  I love when it’s warm outside and I sit on a lawn chair outside with piggy and puppy frolicking around.  I enjoy not having anywhere to be and nothing to do.  Maybe because during the week, that’s not the case.

Would you consider yourself a home-body or a socialite?

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