Wednesday, November 17, 2010


((Originally written on Friday morning.))

I decided to cancel Netflix for this month.  Todd mentioned that he doesn’t really watch it that much anymore now that he has his satellite package that he likes.  However, I like to watch Netflix on the weekends when he is working.  I stay in my jammies and watch several streaming videos through the Wii console.  I noticed that our next billing cycle is November 14th.  So, tomorrow, I am placing a hold on the Netflix for a month.  I have two more craft shows for the next two weekends, Thanksgiving the weekend after, and then we are going to Florida the weekend after.  Why pay $10 for the month if we don’t have any time to watch the movies?  So, when we get back, I will determine if I have any time or need to watch any movies.  I would also like to start reading more at home.  I have been reading books for the blog reviews, but I would really like to read some books that I’m really interested in. 

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