Friday, November 19, 2010

Weight Loss Aspirations

This may sound stupid, but I am looking forward to seeing my collar bones again.  I’m not sure if everyone has that ONE THING they are looking forward to most when they lose weight, but mine are my collar bones.  I have not seen them in years. 

In High School, I lost quite a bit of weight (over 30 lbs.)  I was down to 138 which may not be “skinny” to some, but I was a twig.  It was the smallest I’d ever been.  I was going through a rough time with my parents divorce and I was obsessive about my weight going so far as to nearly OD’ing on my mom’s weight loss pills.  After nearly OD’ing, I decided that I would watch what I ate and exercise excessively…and that’s exactly what I did.  I remember taking my lunch to school with me.  My lunch consisted of: a bag of pretzels (sandwich bag-full,) a miracle whip free & pickle sandwich (very low in calories), and a few marshmallows for dessert.  Everyone made fun of me, but I lost a lot of weight. 

Though I am not willing to go to those extremes again, I am desperately trying to lose weight and to keep it off for good.  I don’t even recognize myself anymore, it’s that bad. My goal weight is 150, as I’ve mentioned in the past.  Again, that may be heavy to some, but for some reason, with my frame, it’s not. It’s a size 6/8.  I am desperate to get off of my medications, get healthy and possibly start a family. 

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