Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Over the Grocery Budget (Already)

((Originally written Thursday, November 11th))

Well…it is not even half-way into the month, and we are already over the grocery budget.  Oops.  We found a good deal on split chicken breasts (I thought we had chicken in the freezer, but we used it all) and turkeys.  We bought 3 large (18+ lb) turkeys at $0.49/lb and 20+ lbs of split chicken breasts for $0.89.  I remember the days when split chicken breasts were $0.39/lb…but not any more!

At any rate, that’s what happened.  As you can see, we are not strict with our budget. J  That’s OK though.  We really like turkey, so we will have one after Thanksgiving because we go to someone else’s house and never have any leftovers (I love turkey with miracle whip free!), one early next year, and one probably in March or April.  There is nothing like turkey, taters & stuffing (which I bought on super-sale for $0.25/box at Ollie’s last month!) on a cold Winter day.

And the split chicken breasts, hubby is making his famous chicken & dumplings today for dinner.  When he makes a batch, it is usually enough to feed us several meals and then freeze half of it.  He makes it in a huge stock-pot.

My mouth is watering just thinking about all of this food! 

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  1. Grocery budgets are so hard to follow as you never know when you will come across a good deal! That's a good idea to buy extra turkey...I might just do that!