Monday, January 10, 2011


As you know, we’ve been thinking about where we want to go for our 5 year anniversary in May 2012.  I have been part of a frugal message board for many years now, and one of my friends from the board is from Australia.  Apparently, she and her husband married in May as well, and they were thinking about a nice vacation away.  It was mentioned that we could possibly go see them in Australia in 2012 with free accommodations at their house, and then another year, they could come to the States. 

I was originally really excited about the idea, until I saw how much flights are!  They would be approximately $1600/person, and we’d lose 2 days off the bat between travel and time changes.  If we were to leave on a Thursday, we wouldn’t get there until Sunday morning their time.  They are 16 hours AHEAD of us.  I never noticed this, but from Cleveland, OH to Syndey, Australia is nearly 10,000 miles away!

My mom and Doc went to Australia and they weren’t really impressed.  I would hate to spend that type of money on flights and not be impressed.

So, the offer is out there from my friend and her husband. Todd is going to research to see what we could do there and what there is to see.  But then we may have to figure out how to nicely say that we do not want to take them up on their offer.

However, it is great having friends in other countries to be able to have the opportunity to go on a trip like this.  I may see if Todd would like to go to cross it off of “the list of places to go” in our lifetime.

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