Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I know of people who get physically ill when they get their Aunt Flo visits monthly.  Even in High School, I knew of girls who would have migraines, some would be doubled over in pain, others would vomit profusely. 

I am lucky enough that I don’t have any of those symptoms.  However, my monthly brings out the worst in me.  I get terribly moody several days before Aunt Flo decides to come visit.  The first day of my cycle, I have the patience of an ant.  If someone LOOKS at me the wrong way, I can lose my temper.  I get the feeling of being overwhelmed with the simplest of things. 

Thankfully, I am on Lexapro, which they say is for “anxiety,” but I really feel it is for depression as well.  Without it, my mind races five thousand miles a minute and I cant concentrate on any one thing.  Because of this, I get exhausted because my brain never stops.  I have a hard time watching what comes out of my mouth, and I have a tendency to push away those I love. 

When Aunt Flo is on her way, I know that I have to prepare.  I have to prepare myself to bite my tongue as to not get into an argument with Todd.  I have to learn that when I feel like we will fight, I have to remove myself from the situation and do my own thing in another room, or with the critters.  Then, on the 3rd day, there is an unusual peace that I feel.  I get very lovey-dovey and very “chill.”  Anything goes.

It is a strange cycle, but we have learned in our house how to prepare for it and deal with it. 

One tip that I’ve learned (thanks to research done by Todd,) is that if you drink lots of water before the visit, you will be less bloated and have minimal cramps.  I don’t know how or why, but it has definitely worked for me!

Does anyone else have these same issues?

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