Friday, January 14, 2011


Last week, our adorable little puppy chewed through our phone lines outside!  I was warned by a dog trainer that I had met that around 8 months old, puppies are THE WORST.  The trainer mentioned they forget everything you taught them the first 8 months of their life, and they are just beasts.  Well, the trainer was right.  Lana has been such a bad puppy lately.  I wonder how long this lasts.

At any rate, she chewed through the phone lines and we were without the internet for a couple of days.  Todd was able to fix it, but then I realized something – I didn’t want to get online!

I’ve been bored of being online.  I go to the same 5 sites all of the time.  They include: (my email) (I rarely post anymore) (see what everyone is up to) (our bank) (to keep track of our finances)

I pay our bills, but that is easy. I can set them up through our free online bill pay.  But lately, I have felt NO NEED to get online in the evenings.  If I do, it is to check in for about 15 minutes, and then I’m done.

I have no desire to email those I should be emailing (friends and family.)  And even though I love SwagBucks, but if I don’t have to surf the web to get points, sobeit.  If that means I get less SB’s to put towards gift cards, I’m OK with that. 

Instead, I am getting something done every night.  Whether it be unload the dishwasher, put away laundry, play with the puppy, piggy and kittens, or just reading in the bedroom.  I would like for Todd to turn off the boob tube and for us to spend time together, but he hasn’t gotten to that point yet.  Hopefully one day.

So, I must admit, it’s been nice without being too “connected.”
Do you go through phases like this as well?

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