Thursday, January 13, 2011


Todd and I are both very rough on our clothes, which is one reason we buy the majority of our clothing from the thrift store.  Todd has pretty much purchased all of his clothing from a particular thrift store that we love in Akron.  I buy my shirts from the thrift store, and buy my work pants / jeans at Kohl’s or WalMart.

Todd likes to go see his parents every couple of weeks to make sure everything is OK, help them out around the house if they have any projects that need done, and just to visit.  He went to the thrift store before seeing his parents on Tuesday, and was able to purchase 5 pairs of jeans for $13.74!  That’s right, $13.74.  Less than the price of new Wranglers from WalMart, he was able to get 5 pairs.  2 black and 3 blue. 

I cant tell you how happy I am that he found these.  The last couple of times we’ve shopped there, there was nothing in his size.  He really hit the jackpot this time.  Now, he should be good for at least another year or two.  5 pairs of pants would last the NORMAL person a couple of years, but not my husband.  I would be happy if they last until the Summer of 2012.  He works on cars, houses, outdoor projects, everything in his jeans.  They get dirty and stained, REALLY quickly.  I’ve asked him to set aside one or two pairs that are to be worn ONLY when we go out, but that never happens.  Oh well.  I’m just glad they are less than $15!

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  1. I love, love, love thrift stores! I find that the pants/jeans fit me even better than buying new...I wonder why that is? At any rate, I honestly think I'd shop at thrift stores even if I didn't have to...they are just fun! :)