Thursday, January 6, 2011

Todd's Realization: Maybe we ARE Misers!

Todd way on the floor (his back is still hurt and it helps when he's on a hard surface) with the puppy tonight after dinner.  I told him that I took $100 out of the bank account to use for our "entertainment" money for the month.  In months past, I think I've short-changed us on the entertainment fund.  We could spent $20 in the month out of the $100 budget, and Todd would mention wanting to do something and I wouldnt want to spend the money.   So, this $100/month is in an envelope and specifially for entertainment for the two of us.  Whether that be a night out with friends at a bar, bowling, wineries, or doing anything together. 

He then said, "You know, I think you have rubbed off on me.  I dont even ENJOY going to a sushi restaurant and spending $50 on sushi anymore.  I enjoy the sushi we get at the buffet because I know we're only paying $6.50 for it!" 

I told him that I just wrote a blog about me feeling like a miser.
He said that this describes how he's felt exactly lately.

We dont like to spend money anymore.
We are becoming so "miserly" that we dont even want to spend $1.50/person to go to the dollar theater because "we can get it free next week from the library!"

I just think it's funny that he brought up the conversation on his own, and I have felt the same thing.

Now, I am not complaining.  I am GLAD we have gotten to this point together.  But I dont want to be one of those old fuddy-duddy couples that hoards their money and does nothing good with it.  I want to have fun together and experience life.  But lately, we have more fun doing that AT HOME playing the Wii or watching movies from NetFlix than going out and doing it. 

Todd mentioned he enjoyed the meal he made for dinner tonight (salmon, steamed broccoli & homemade spanish rice with homemade sangria with free wine I got from a vendor at work) than we had at Red Lobster last weekend (with a gift card.)  I agree with him.  And it cost a fraction of the price.  About $2.00 for the entire meal.  Mom gave us the salmon because she and Doc didnt like it, brocolli was $1 for the bag, and white rice (2 cups) with some spices. 

I prove my point.


  1. I don't think you are are just gazelle intense! When you have a (life changing) goal in mind (like getting out of debt) it is so worth making those small sacrifices like not going out often! Once you are debt free I'm sure you'll begin spending more freely!

  2. Now you say "Miser" like it's a bad thing!lol
    Frugal is a great way to live your life. It's about making priorities on how and where you spend your money.....skimp here to spend it there, ya know?
    And saving in little ways does add up. Just look at me & Hubs....early 50's, no debt whatsoever, paid off house, cash-flowing college for 1, soon to be 2 teens. Hubs is retiring early as soon as #3 kid is done with high school in 3+ more years, when we'll hop on an RV and see the US fulltime.
    It so helps when your spouse is on board with a plan for your money!