Monday, October 4, 2010


Todd and I have allowances.  Yes, you read correctly, allowances.  Like children.

We decided to do this a couple of years ago because of the guilt I felt for going out to sushi lunches at work, and the resentment I felt towards Todd buying into some of his “bad habbits.”  Now, we both get $20/week of “play money.”  Mine always seems to be gone before I can accumulate too much of it because of sushi lunches every week with a coworker.  Todd is pretty good at accumulating his, but then blows it on either his “bad habbits” or toys.  For instance, he has a Netbook from saving up his allowances.  Just last week, he bought a digital AM/FM radio for work with his allowance money.

This has helped save our budget on more than one occasion.  Even though it’s not much, it is perfect for the two of us. OK, I’ll admit, the first Friday of every month, we get an extra $20 because Todd wanted an increase to $25/week.  I don’t carry cash, so we agreed that the first week of every month, we’d get $40. 

What works for you?

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  1. DH has an allowance. I think it's $25/week, but I'm not sure. He gets 10x that on his birthday and at Christmas. He tends to squander it on weekly coffee or save it all up on big purchases depending on what he's into.

    I just don't buy things that often. 2-3x per year I'll go on a spending spree and buy stuff off my Amazon wishlist.