Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our $100 3-Day Weekend

Hubby and I are currently in a hotel in Dunkirk, NY.  We are on a 3-day trip up to Olean, NY to go to my cousin's wedding.  My goal for this weekend (food & entertainment) was to spend no more than $100.  From what I calculated, we would have to buy: 2 lunches and 1 dinner.  Oh, and a lighthouse tour and several wineries.

Well, we are on day #2 right now, and we have spent:
$3 on wine tastings
$16 on lunch
$13 on drinks at the bar last night (Todd's doing)

I thought we were doing great until last night when Todd wanted to go check out the bar.  He was willing to spend his allowance money on our drinks (his 2 beers - my Georgia Peach.)  But, I thought that this is one of our few trips together this year.  We have really cut back on vacations this year due to trying to pay off our debts.  So, I told him that it was OUR treat. :-) 

I dont stay at a hotel unless they offer a continental breakfast.  For us, that is a $15-20 savings.  Breakfast is my favorite meal (actually, all meals are my favorite now that I think about it...) and it is normally always a big one for us.  This morning, we got up around 6AM, and we were at breakfast by 6:30.  The continental breakfast doesnt end until 9:30, so we will be grabbing a little something on our way out to hopefully hold us through for a little while.  It's normally not a problem for me, but Todd is borderline hypoglycemic, so he needs to eat often.

Today is the day of the wedding.  After we check out, we will go to the lighthouse tour ($14 for the two of us.)  The wedding starts at 2 which means we may need to have lunch before-hand. Yesterday, we saved money on dinner by eating lunch at 3:00, and a large one.  I brought mini-sandwiches and snacks for the trip up to NY. 

So, the question is, can we spend only $100 this weekend?  We'll find out shortly!

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