Sunday, October 10, 2010

Still in New York

We are still in New York, but will be on our way home here shortly.
The wedding yesterday was alot of fun - I love hanging out with my entire family (except the boys in the military and my father and his wife.)  We also drove by a few places that I remember going to as a child while my grandmother lived here.  The hill we went sled-riding down as children, grandma's house, the library my grandmother used to take us to as children (tiny little country library) and the like.

We are staying at a Microtel right now.  The hotel from Friday night was a Days Inn from the 1950's.  You know what?  I prefer the Days Inn.  It was old and outdated, but it was huge.  The room was about 5 times as large as this room at the Microtel.  The linens were old, but much more comfy. was QUIET! This place is packed with people, and I hear thumping right now as I type. 

Todd and I have decided to go to see dad today in the hospital.  It will be an extra hour to our drive time, but I need to see him and make sure he's OK. 

I would have pictures for everyone to view, but I brought the wrong cord with me!  So, hopefully when we get home, I can find the cord. 

What is everyone else doing on this beautiful Sunday?

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