Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Diet Day 2

For me, diets are always rough the first two weeks.  After that, I get the hang of things.
Wednesdays are especially difficult for me because this is the day my friend from work and I go out to Benihana's for lunch.  They have an awesome lunch boat that has a TON of food for $9.95! The lunch boat includes:  Edamame (I cant have - it's soy, and it counteracts the cumadin), soup, salad (I cant have - also counteracts the cumadin), 4 pieces of a california roll, 4 pieces of sashimi (raw fish), shrimp & vegetable tempura, steamed rice and a side of salmon (cooked in teriyaki sauce.) I know, I have to get out of the quantity mind-set, but it's a good deal!  I love my sushi...and this is a good buy.

In the past, when I was losing weight, I was able to put aside half of the meal for lunch the next day.  Not only does that save on calories, it saves time and money for me on Thursdays because I have lunch ready without having to think about it! 

So, this morning, Lana & I just got back from our walk.  My fingers are finally getting blood flow again (it is nippy this morning!). I am starving.  I really want an egg and toast, but I need to watch my intake of eggs.  Plus, the calories.  I wouldnt mind having oatmeal, but I like it with raspberries, and I havent picked any in the last few days (it's still dark outside.)  So, it looks like I'll be having cereal this morning.

I am happy that we got our walk in this morning.  Now, if only I can get up the nerve to do Jillian Michael's 30-day shred again. I remember the pain last time I tried it for more than 2 weeks.  Yikes!

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