Monday, October 11, 2010

$100 Weekend

So...the question is...were we able to stay within budget this 3-day weekend away?

We were over by $1 on food/entertainment.

What wasnt included in the $100:
$12 in produce we purchased (concord grapes, 52 lbs of apples, and a pumpkin)
Gasoline of $34
Approximately $100 in wine (9 bottles of fantastic wine - one of them being an ice wine.  We will be good with wine until we make a batch or two of our own next year.)

I know many would not consider this being "within budget," but it's good enough for us. :-)
We have paid over $2,000 on Todd's vehicle this month, so we are well on our way.  We need to live a little...and that's what we did with the wine purchases.

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