Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cutting Back (Again)

I am finding that I am building up my schedule again to keep myself busy.  Well, I have decided today that I need to cut back again.  I have 10 books from the library again.  How does this happen? I put them on hold, and they come in when it is my turn to get the book.  So, I will put them on my "book list" again, and when things calm down a little bit, I will reserve them from the library again.

I am now review books from 3 different publishers, which means I have a steady stream of books coming in.  Alot faster than I can read them.  So, I will read these books before I get to any books from the library.

I used to write blogs and save them in a Word file to add when I had time and the animals were in bed.  Well, I have fallen behind, and I'm running out of topics to talk about.  So, instead of scheduling 3 blogs a day, I think I may cut down to 1 a day (in the mornings.) 

I am going to try to start selling items on Etsy.  I will be purchasing these items from a wholesaler here in town.  Todd and I checked out the warehouse and we absolutely love the items.  I am hoping to start selling on Etsy soon and to go to several craft shows in the next few months.  That will take up alot of time to prepare for the shows and prepare the items to sell.  I am excited, but it is alot of work.

Not only am I going to try to cut back on my activities, but this week, I will be trying to cut down with my food intake.  I have eaten enough this past weekend to last about a week!  I will have raw shakes (1 banana, 1 apple, a dash of water and a carrot) for breakfast and possibly for lunch.  I will watch my portions for all other meals.

Wish me luck!

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  1. We settled into once a day updating too, with the occasional surprise afternoon update.