Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

I am very competitive.  My friend from work and I are sick of being fat (I know, I say that every week, but don’t do anything about it.)  It seems like we do better with motivation when we are trying to beat each other’s weight loss goals.  Last year, we did a weight loss challenge, but she says I cheated because I got H1N1 and was on feeding tubes for 2 weeks (2000 calories per day, mind you. That’s A LOT of calories!!)  So, we are doing the weight loss challenge again this year.

Her goal: Lose 20 lbs by Christmas.  30 lbs by her birthday in February.
My goal: Lose 20 lbs by Thanksgiving: 30 lbs by Chirstmas: 40 lbs by my 30th Birthday in early February.

She is a short little thing.  5’ – 5’ 1”.
Me, I’m 5’ 7”.  I also have a good 60 lbs on her!
I don’t think it’s fair that we go by weight loss because hypothetically, it should be easier for me to lose weight because I’ve got so much more than she does.  So, we normally go by percentages.  I think this time, though, we would go by our goals.  We will see who meets our goal and who doesn’t.  If we both meet our goals, it will be based on percentages.  Let the games begin!

Hers started Monday, October 11th. Mine started Tuesday, October 12th.

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