Sunday, October 3, 2010

It Always Seems to Work Out

I work in a position where there are timelines.  I have to meet several of them within the day.  I also deal with problems that occur, or getting product to a customer that they THOUGHT they ordered 2 weeks ago, and they are about to run out.  So, needless to say, one minute, I could be lulling along in my job, the next minute, I’m calling from California to New Jersey to get pricing and find out our options.

There seem to be weeks that everything goes wrong.  This past week was one of those weeks.  I would fret, worry, bite my nails, etc.  I try not to bring work home with me (mentally.)  I don’t like to talk about work when I’m not AT work.  What happens in the office, stays in the office. 

What I realized this week is that even though 3 “catastrophic” things happened…they all get worked out...eventually.  I may have to be stern with vendors and push our requirements, but they get done. 

I have to remember this not only with my profession, but this happens in my personal life.  When things seem like they will never get resolved, I have to remind myself that they will all work out for the best.  Even if it’s not on MY time.

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