Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thrift Stores

I will admit it, I am a complete and utter slob.  It’s not my fault though, I swear.  God has given me a very large chest which catches any food that misses my mouth.

That being said, I cannot justify spending a lot of money on new clothes.  Todd and I WEAR our clothes.  They get dirty… fast!

Todd and I have a favorite Thrift Store we frequent.  When I say “frequent,” I mean 3-4 times a year.  We get most of our clothing from this store.  For me, I get my shirts from this store mainly.  Todd gets most everything because men’s pant sizes are pretty much universal.  My work pants and jeans are purchased from a regular store and I wear them until they are worn out (2-4 years.)

The Thrift Store offers ½ priced items based on the color of the day and what color the tags are on the items.  I have purchased shoes, dresses, shirts, skirts and even coats from this store.  Todd works in a dirty factory.  He buys his t-shirts from this particular thrift store.  We have a rule – no more than $0.50 for his t-shirts for work.  A lot of them have been a quarter!  Many of them look like they are brand new.

Todd decided that he’d go to his parents house after work one day, but didn’t have any civilian clothes, so he stopped by the thrift store and bought a whole outfit (including shoes) for $4! 

When people ask where I get my clothing, I am not embarrassed to tell them where I purchased them.  People ask if something is new, and I say, “It’s new to ME.”  The maximum amount I’m willing to pay for a shirt: $4. Nearly my entire wardrobe for work is from the thrift store…and no one would ever know it. 

Oh, and did I mention we spend less than $150/year on new clothes? When I drip tomato sauce on a light colored shirt, I may be a little peeved, but I have no problems throwing away a $1 shirt.  If it were a $15 shirt, I’d be mad. 

Because we shop this way, we are able to rotate our clothing quite a bit.  We are always adding and discarding clothes, so it is always fresh and new.  All on a budget!

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