Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Todd's Vehicle Payoff Update

Well, another month has gone by, and I am STILL freaking out worried that we wont be able to pay off Todd’s vehicle.  As I write this (Monday, November 29th,) our balance on the vehicle is $1929.66.  I get paid on the 30th, and the majority of my paycheck should go toward the payoff of Todd’s vehicle.  Assuming Todd doesn’t spend any money out Christmas shopping with his mom today, we should be able to pay approximately $700 out of this paycheck which would leave a balance of $1229.66 at the end of November.

Why weren’t we able to pay more?  Because I am an idiot, that’s why.  Two reasons.  I jumped the gun and bought WAY TOO MUCH STUFF ON CREDIT for the craft business not knowing what would sell and what wouldn’t.  So that was $500 that could have gone toward the car instead of paying off the credit card.  Another reason is because I am a REALLY BIG idiot who got a ticket while going through a yellow light a few weeks back.  That was $124.  Right there is $624 wasted, which would have paid off half of what we currently owe on the car.

We are getting a fill-up on our propane tank sometime in the next week, which means we will owe over $650 to the propane company.  We have put that off for as long as we could but we are below 20% which is not recommended. Also, we have property taxes that will be due in January (approximately $1200 for the two houses.)  We cant forget about Christmas.  I still have to purchase a few more gifts to complete my shopping.  Oh, and a 4 day weekend get-a-way this weekend! 

There are some positive’s that I have to keep in mind.  December is a month that Todd gets paid 5 times, and I should receive an extra week’s pay in one of my paychecks (I get paid 24 times a year: 15th & 30th.)  Not to mention I sometimes get a bonus at the end of the year.  I’m not sure if I will this year because of sales, but it is a possibility and any little bit helps.

We are really going to have to watch where our money goes this month.  And I am committed to getting rid of my credit card once and for all.  It has done nothing but get me into trouble with impulse purchases.  When the gift items sell, it will generate more than what I purchased the items for, but I went way overboard on what I bought.  Live and learn – never again.

Can we pay off over $1200 in December?  We’ll find out!!!

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