Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have had my hair cut twice at a “Best Cuts” or “Great Clips” with coupons ($12 or less per cut!) in the past and have always had to go home and fix the cut.  My mother was a hair dresser which is why I never had my hair cut, permed or highlighted professionally.  If I ever needed anything done, she would do it for me.  When I moved out, I started doing it myself (with an occasional cut from her here and there.)

Todd has become a master at cutting the back of my hair.  Before our trip this weekend, I asked him to cut my hair.  There is a length in the back that my hair curls under nicely without me having to do anything to it.  It is “above the mole.”   So…he did it!  A few snips, and voila!

Since I got out of the hospital last year, I started to lose a lot of my hair.  It was coming out in clumps in the shower, every time I would brush my hair, I’d have to clean out the brush, and I shed all over my clothes, my coats, everything.  I lost a good bit of hair.  Well, now that it’s coming back (thank goodness,) it’s a bit wavy!  I never had wavy hair in my life.  It is very thick and very heavy.  But for some reason, it likes to flip out like this!  This is my hair after a blow-dry and some hairspray.

It is definitely not perfect, and I will probably find longer strands for the next week that I will snip here and there, but to me, there is nothing like a free haircut! J  And it’s so easy to do (especially with layers, because you cant really screw up layers!)

((Please dont mind no clothes in the above picture. I probably should have put a shirt on before the picture was taken. Oh well, maybe next time.))

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  1. Rob cuts our hair too! It does feel good to have a free haircut...the other thing that is nice is that rob loves us enough to be brave enough to cut our hair! LOL