Monday, November 29, 2010

We're Packed and Ready to Go!

This morning, Todd and I were up early.  I neglected to pack my bag for Florida this weekend, so I decided to do it this morning.  I had a pile on the dresser that needed to be folded and put into the backpack. I was looking at the clothing and the backpack, and I was getting a little nervous.  How in the world would it all fit?  Well, low and behold, it fit!!! WITH ROOM TO SPARE!  And it is so light.  It’s great!  I was dancing around the bedroom with excitement…and I was (and still am) proud of myself for going “bare bones” on this trip.

All of the paperwork is printed for the parking deck, the itinerary, our passports are in my bag, and I have printed brochures of the local trolley schedule and maps in Florida.  The weather looks like it will be nice (upper 70’s) the whole time we are there.

The only thing left is to write out my “Squig-structions,” (Squiggy Instructions) which have now turned out to be “farm-structions” since getting all these additional animals.  Our neighbor is going to feed the “granimals” as we call them.  We have a pig-sitter that we love, but she lives a few minutes down the road.  The neighbor works construction, so he is up early and home early…not to mention work is getting slow for him right about now with the weather.  Plus, he’s known all the animals since we got them as a piglet/puppy/kitten.  We met them because Squiggy ran away and we always found them in their yard eating the birdseed off of the ground from their birdhouses. Squiggy is the only reason we know as many neighbors as we do! 

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