Saturday, December 4, 2010

We Are In Hollywood, FL

We made it to Hollywood, FL very late last night.  After nearly a full day of traveling, we got to the hotel around 9:30 and we were hungry.  We decided to go scope things out around the hotel.  We found the WalMart, a Burger King, and a great Cuban restaurant.  Neither Todd nor I had ever had Cuban.  Our waitress was great, giving us meals that were traditional Cuban meals.  We had plantains (spelling?), yuka, rice and beans.  The food was GREAT!

The hotel is absolutely beautiful.  However, we have had more problems here than we have EVER had at the $70/night hotels we've been to.  There is NO WiFi!  We are plugged into the ethernet right now, and it's just inconvenient.  Every room was supposed to have a hairdryer - ours didnt.  The "plush robes," that were listed get one.  So we BOTh cant wear robes down to the pool and hot tub.  It's just things like this that are a bit irritating. 

I feel completely out of place in this hotel and uncomfortable.  People walk around in business attire and Todd and I wear our jeans and shirts.  I feel very on edge here.  All of this just goes to show that we are NOT "high-class" people.  I really AM more happy in the cheap, more "lived in" hotels. 

Right now, Todd is making breakfast.  Everything here is expensive.  We spent nearly $15 on breakfast foods here.  Bagels, egg beaters, ham, cheese and OJ.  We have enough for each of us to have one ham,egg & cheese bagel a day until departure.  The cheapest thing here is REAL OJ!  Florida, OJ! :-)  That was less than $2.  Everything else was nearly $3 or more.  Oy!

Todd woke up in the middle of the night and thirsty.  There is only ONE vending machine on the 6th floor.  $2 for a drink.  SO...we went to Seven11 this morning on our walk and bought 2 - 2 litres for $3.

I was out cold last night.  We didnt get back to the hotel until 11:30 after eating the Cuban food and going to WalMart.  He woke me up at 6:30 and asked if I wanted to go to the beach to watch the sun rise.  I threw on some clothes and we went walking.  It was really nice.  I love the ocean and the beach. 

It's 7:45 and the sun is shining, and the palm trees are gorgeous.  We have to meet with the professionals this morning in the lobby at 10.  We had a hair dryer delivered to the room because ours was missing, and I am still exhausted from everything.  I think we're going to relax a bit before our meeting this morning, and then we are going to be out and about all day seeing what Hollywood, FL has to offer.

Again, I'm so glad we got this trip for free...because we wouldnt be able to enjoy it on our own on our budget.  There is just no way.

Pictures to come at a later date!

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  1. I'm glad you are safe and sound...I know what you mean about "fancy" places...they are not for us either! If rob can't wear his boots and jeans (with the exception of church,weddings,funerals..etc..) we aren't going and that's fine with me! Hope you have a great time!