Friday, December 3, 2010

Mileage or Age?

I like to drive Bianca everywhere we go because she gets such good gas mileage and is so fun!  We used to take her everywhere we went because hubby had two beater vehicles that weren’t very reliable.  Now that he is spoiled with his new(er) vehicle, he likes to drive his car everywhere.  Well, there is a 12-15 miles per gallon difference in gas mileage.

We drove Bianca to my mom’s house on Thanksgiving to help save money on gas.  Todd brought up the point that we should take his vehicle because it has lower miles (35,000 miles on his 2008 versus 113,000 on my 2007.)  He asked if I wanted Bianca to get the most mileage or last longer?

My answer was (and is) BOTH!  I never thought about it in those terms.  I want Bianca to hit at LEAST 250,000.  If that’s the case, I will have at least 4 more years with her.  But to be honest, I want her to last a MILLION miles if that means I have her for 10+ more years.  I really like this car THAT much.  She is absolutely adorable and has not done me wrong in 4 years of ownership.  Plus, I love that she doesn’t have a payment.

So my question to you is, which would you prefer?  A higher mileage car of one that will last longer?  Would you start driving the lower mileage vehicle more to make the higher mileage car last longer? 

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