Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Grocery Budget : Result

For the month of October, I had a grocery budget of $200.  When looking at our account, we spent $211.86!  DOH!  We are over by $11.86.  I looked to see what we spent and where.  I see the culprit (and remember the other!)

When we were driving through PA at the beginning of the month, I picked up concord grapes for my mom ($7/basket) and the 52 lbs of apples for $4. Oh, and $1 for a small pumpkin for my desk at work. That was $12 right there.  Also, when I went to Aldi’s in the middle of the month, they had margarita tubs that we have every year for our 4th of July party ½ off.  I ended up getting 2 tubs for less than the price of 1 that I normally get!  That was an extra $5 expense we didn’t really need.  I put the tubs of mix in the cabinet to save for July 2011’s party. And my last excuse reason is that meat was on sale and I loaded up. That was a $35 trip.

November has only 4 weeks.  Not to mention I stocked up on meat while it was on sale last month.  I am thinking about making the budget $150 for the month of November.  We may have to eat what we’ve got in the cupboards and freezer!  Lets see if we can do it!

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