Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love Notes

Wednesday evening after dinner, I was outside with the kittens playing (and hoping they’d go potty!) before I went over to play with Lana & Squiggy for the evening (I like to wear everyone out before bedtime and give them lots of love!)  Todd sent me a text message without me even knowing about it.  When I’m home, my phone is normally always in my purse and I don’t bother to answer it or check it until I am on my way to work the next morning.  Thursday morning, I checked my phone on my way to work, and I had a sweet love message waiting for me that Todd sent at 7:05 the night before.  The note was about how much he loved me and how much he enjoyed watching my play with the little balls of fur outside.  And some other things that I wont divulge in (you can thank me for that! J )

I thought it was so sweet of him to do that, knowing that I wouldn’t get the message until the next morning.  I was doing something that I thought was really insignificant, but he found it endearing.  It melted my heart.

It also made me think about the fact that we were willing to throw this all away.  All of this fun and laughter as well as new experiences. 

Then I started to think about when we have children.  Would times be like this when we have little ones running around?  I see how much fun the menagerie is with 1 pot bellied pig, 1 puppy, and 4 cats.  I am sure it would be even better with a little one around.  Then I started to really yearn to start a family with Todd. 

We may not be perfect, but I am completely convinced we are perfect for each other. He is a pain in the tuckus (a word we use to describe Squiggy’s cute bottom) at times, but I can deal with those times if we have these fun times with each other and the sweet love notes once in a while.  Todd makes me want to be a better wife, a better daughter, a better friend, and a better person in general.

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