Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Garage Sale Find

A few months ago, Todd and I went garage saling in our area.  I found a pair of brown shoes that looked comfy, new, and the right price ($1.)  I bought them.
I wore them for the first time today and they are SO COMFORTABLE!!!  I went online to see if I could find some information about the shoe.  It is the brand, “Born.”  I found the shoe part number, and these shoes are $74.99 new!!!

I really don’t think they were worn once – because I broke them in today!  They were a lot tighter this morning than they are now. 

So…I think I may have gotten the deal of the year. 
I don’t care the brand or how much they cost – they are comfortable, and I like them.  They are definitely keepers.  Let’s see how long they last.  I have shoes I bought over 2 years ago from the thrift store for $2, and even though they are starting to fall apart, they are still really comfortable and I wore them the entire Summer.  I definitely get my money’s worth.

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