Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

RIP Uncle Pete...

I found out last night that my dad's Uncle Pete passed away yesterday morning.  Uncle Pete was always the life of the party.  We all have so many great memories of him.  He got alzheimers (spelling?) and was put into a nursing home.  Ever since, he was never the same.  He had the glassy-eye look, and he wasnt mobile any longer.  This picture was taken last month at my cousin's wedding.  We will all miss Uncle Pete, but we have the great memories. 

Uncle Pete, I know you're in a better place now.  I know you are with Aunt Beth right now and probably drinking with your buddies.  We love you, and will always miss you.  No party will ever be the same.  Thank you for coming to every event the Guest Family has ever had no matter what your schedule had on it.  As crazy as you were, we knew you were there to support us.  I'm so glad we all got to see each other this year.

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