Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Since Friday, I have had a lump in my armpit.  This has happened before in the other armpit (is there a more feminine word for armpit? It sounds gross.) and has gone away within a week.  The one I have now is horrible.  I talked to my mom this weekend, and she said it is either a clogged gland or my lymphnode.  Whatever it is, it kills.  It is so large, it is protruding from my under-arm.  When I shift into 2nd gear in my car, I get a shocking pain.  Every time I move my arm, it hurts.  Heck, Todd had to help me out of my shirt tonight.

I know I should have it looked at.  It aches all day long. 

So I dont know what to do.  Should I try to get a rush appointment with any doctor who will take me within the next few days or suck it up until Monday when I have my Internal Medicine appointment?  In the past when this has happened, by the time I got to the appointment, it was gone (and the doctor said that sometimes this happens around that time of the month.)  But as I mentioned, this one is the worst one I've ever had. 

I dont normally complain about pain unless it's REAL BAD.  I havent taken anything for the pain which Todd keeps telling me I should.  I dont know what to do...but it hurts.

((My apologies in advance for sounding like a whining baby.))

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