Friday, November 12, 2010

Please Pray

I am currently in the ER. That pain in my armpit is so bad that urgent care couldnt take care of it. Please pray that the ER gets me in quickly and that I don't bleed out (cumadin.) thanks!!


  1. I am praying for you my friend! Hope all is well!! Love you!

  2. I made it home. Thank you for the prayers. I had an absess (spelling?) on my armpit. They spliced it open and got the infection out. Oh my goodness, I have never been in that much pain in my life. I am pretty good about "breathing through the pain," but I was all out screaming and crying in the ER. I was begging for mercy.

    Todd just got home with my meds to get rid of the infection and a pain pill. He said, "you will never guess how much your meds cost." I was expecting the worse. Docs tend to prescribe me the expensive stuff. It cost $1.47! The pill to get rid of the infection was free from Giant Eagle, and the Vicadin was $1.47. I'm glad, because between the urgent care visit and the ER visit, we spent $185 unexpectedly today.

    There were a couple of blessings with all of this. One of them is that I met a nurse who took care of me last year when I was on the respirator and already in the coma. She called me the "Swine Flu Girl!" She didnt recognize me, but she did Todd. Apparently, a couple of nurses got sick from me last year and I feel horrible for that. I was able to give her a hug and thank her for helping to save my life.

    I'm glad to be home.
    Life is good.

  3. Glad you are home and OK....I'm still praying!!