Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nice Relaxing Day

I cancelled my table at the craft show today.  To be honest, I really didnt want to do it, but having an arm that is ozzing out uncontrollable and having to take it easy was a good enough excuse for me not to go.  Today, I am going to catch up with the animals.  I havent spent much time with the kittens in the past day because of the pain and being busy.  I'm sure Tux will come running up and jump right into my arms.  She is such a lover. 

I am affraid to bring Lana in because she hasnt seen me since yesterday morning.  Todd fed the animals last night and this morning for me.  Lana jumped up and hit my sore yesterday morning and it nearly brought me to tears.  I'm affraid she will be so excited, that she wants to jump all over me again today.

I plan on taking it easy, maybe finishing up the book I got from Sophia Institute Press (it's a great book!) and eating.  I am starving.  I didnt have much to eat yesterday.  I had breakfast (homemade Ham, Egg & Cheese McMuffin), lunch (leftover rice and salmon from Wednesday's lunch at Bennihana's, and then I had 2 bites of Burger King (1 bite of a spicy chicken sandwich, 1 bite of a Whopper Jr.) at the hospital when Todd got there.  But the good part is that I lost another pound. :-)  I am now down 12 lbs.

So, that's the agenda.
My arm is feeling better, with twinges of pain once in a while but not nearly bad enough to take a vicadin.
It is draining - and it's disgusting, but I'm glad it is taken care of.  Todd will have to help me tonight to rebandage it up.

That's my day.
I need to catch up on the blogs from everyone. 

Have a great one!

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